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   Our web site has been designed for you (NY State  Local Government IT Directors/CIOs as well as
   the vendor community) to learn more about our organization, our mission and our activities. 

  I invite you to explore, make recommendations and most of all - participate. As we move forward, 
  we are seeking your thoughts and ideas on what you feel is important to you and our organization.

  And with your involvement and commitment we can move even further and accomplish even more. 
  I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

   Steve Zimmer, President NYSLGITDA
   Director of Information & Technology Services
   Genesee County, New York 

  (L/R) Anne Hartman, Lorne Green, 
Todd MacConnell, Perry Lovell, Pat Davidson.
Not Present: John Wynne, Karen Pratt
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  (L/R) Todd MacConnell, Anne Hartman,
​ Lorne Green, Karen Pratt, Perry Lovell
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(L/R) Dave Cucciarre, Greg Potter, 
  Jack Hess, Steve Zimmer
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NYSLGITDA NYS Local Government
IT Directors Association

October 12 - 13, 2016


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            Fall 2016                       Spring 2017                
Watkins Glen             Saratoga Hilton
      October 12 - 13                 May 2017

NYS Local Government
IT Directors Association 
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